Take a close look! Featured on these pages are some of the future leaders of our Commonwealth: these amazing young adults—our VALHEN College Stars.

The Hispanic College Institute (HCI) works as a pipeline to identify and recruit high school students who are college material and provide them with the necessary knowledge and tools to enter and persist in college. The success of the HCI is due, in large part, to the commitment and dedication of returning HCI graduates who are now in college plus other college students, to serve as leaders to the high school participants.

These college students, who are volunteer peer mentors and work as LEAD volunteers, have an opportunity to practice their leadership skills and pass on a culture of helping the next generation achieve the college dream. The individuals who volunteer for these positions understand that their purpose is to live out the acronym LEAD: Leadership, Empowerment, and Academic Development in the lives of the high school students that are placed under their care at the HCI.

By their actions, the LEADs help perpetuate a college-going culture among their peers and create a future where developing the next generation of Hispanic/Latino professionals is no longer just the mission of VALHEN and its HCI – but their mission, too.

VALHEN thanks these emerging Hispanic leaders for their generous gift of themselves and their dedication to developing others like them. The HCI would not be possible without their amazing contributions!

VALHEN encourages corporations, government offices, higher education institutions, non-profits, and other organizations to contact these amazing young Hispanics to make them aware of opportunities and invite them to participate in any available academic and/or professional programs.

To contact any of our College Stars, please send a message to collegestars@valhen.org